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Tues 30 Jan - Sun 4 Feb 2024
Thu 04 Apr 2024
Sat 13 Apr 2024

Fascinating and imaginative storytellers, The Paper Cinema, create extraordinary, magical worlds with vivid pen and ink drawings, puppetry, and a treasure trove of acoustic and electronic sounds.

This show gathers favourite short stories, including the dream-like Night Flyer, humorous Devil in Cornwall, spooky Wanderer and Edgar Allan Poe’s King Pest.

Performed by two puppeteers and a multi-instrumentalist, The Paper Cinema return to their 'out-of-a suitcase’ origins to delight you with atmospheric tales of ghosts, dreams and the supernatural.

‘The pleasure here is not just that the animations are both sinister and enchanting, or that the wonderful music gives the whole thing the feel of a quirky silent movie, but also that you can see how the show is being made right before your eyes.’ - The Guardian

60-minute show suitable for age 8 upwards (who don’t mind being a tiny bit scared!)

Some stories originally commissioned by Sound UK.
Night Flyer and King Pest commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre.

About The Paper Cinema

Founded in 2004 by Nicholas Rawling with Imogen Charleston and Christopher Reed, The Paper Cinema creates unique, magical performances that combine the languages of animation, music, film and theatre.

Accompanied by a live soundtrack, intricate pen and ink illustrations are skilfully manipulated in real-time in front of a video camera and projected onto the big screen.

Sitting in full view of the audience, the puppeteers and musicians work to a precise choreography that is as engrossing to watch as the story being played out above them.

With a readily transferrable DIY aesthetic, the company has performed in a diverse range of venues from village halls and arts centres to major film festivals and museums.


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Ghost Stories by The Paper Cinema

The Paper Cinema

Short tales of other worlds; ghosts, dreams and the supernatural

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