Let artists Jez riley French and Lau Nau take you on a self-guided journey of Beechenhurst Forest in this soundwalk.

Using headphones via your personal device, start the audio in your favourite part of Beechenhurst and take a slow walk through the forest. The route is entirely up to you.

Whilst this soundwalk was created in response to Beechenhurst, you can experience it in any forest or outdoor space. Alternatively you could take time out and listen at home.

Guided by Jez’s gentle narration you’ll discover the secret sounds of Beechenhurst’s trees, plants, soil and insects normally inaudible to the human ear.

Listen deeply and learn about the inner life of the forest and how it interconnects. Allow the sounds of this environment and music by Lau Nau to transport and stimulate your senses.

You can download a transcript of the audio narration here.

Duration: 25 minutes

How to use the audio

We recommend downloading the audio to your smartphone or audio device before you arrive in the forest.

To do this, click on the download icon just below the Soundcloud logo. Alternatively if you have an internet connection you can stream directly from the Soundcloud audio embed, but reception can be intermittent in the forest.

Field recordings, sound design & text by Jez riley French. Music by Lau Nau.


The Secret Sounds of Trees is commissioned and produced by Sound UK. Funded by Arts Council England, The National Lottery Heritage Fund and PRS Foundation. In partnership with Forestry England, Cinderford Artspace and Wilde Earth Journeys.

Thanks to Pheobe riley Law, Maureen French and Matthew Barnard (Hull University).

Soundwalk - The Secret Sounds of Trees

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