"If you've been lucky enough to hear Trio Mediaeval in concert you will have experienced something very special"
— BBC Music

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Wed 08 Mar 2017
Thu 09 Mar 2017
Fri 10 Mar 2017

Trio Mediaeval
Anna Maria Friman
Linn Andrea Fuglseth
Berit Opheim

Arve Henriksen

Trio Mediaeval has been performing with the Norwegian jazz trumpeter Arve Henriksen for many years. This artistic collaboration fosters a sympathetic dialogue between ancient music, jazz and improvisation, and has been celebrated by audiences and critics alike at London's Wigmore Hall, as well as at numerous international festivals. In their new programme "Rimur" the artists explore the mediaeval musical connection between Norway and Iceland presenting chants and folk songs from both countries including fourteenth century Vespers and ancient folk songs.

Review of new album Rimur
Jazz Views Excerpt:

'And that is maybe where the appeal in this extraordinary music lies. In this instance the blending of the three female voices along with the fourth voice of Henriksen's liquid trumpet playing running through it to seamlessly create a fabric of sound that it at once fragile and yet has a tensile strength. From the opening track, 'St Birgitta Hymn - Rosa rorans bonitatem', with Arve's delicately haunting trumpet this is a captivating record that defies categorization. Let this one slip under your radar at your peril.'

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"Trio Mediaeval have light, flexible, pristinely tuned voices, warm expressivity and the taste to produce ravishing soundscapes out of dry-as-dust plainchant and ancestral Nordic folktunes without sentimentalising the material."
— The Times, January 2015

"The Norwegian traditional song Till, Till Tove produced some of the gig's most sublime moments as the singers spread out in the room, and transformed gracefully curling, semi-spoken beginnings into whirling polyphony over a stamping pulse. Henriksen's Recording Angel (composed with Jan Bang) was like electronically turbocharged Radiohead, before reflective Italian, English and Norwegian songs closed a richly musical and imaginative encounter." 
— The Guardian (on the 2012 performance in St Luke’s)

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Trio Mediaeval & Arve Henriksen Rimur