Celebrating pioneering women in music

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Sun 19 Sep 2021
Thu 30 Sep 2021
Fri 01 Oct 2021
Sun 03 Oct 2021
Mon 14 Mar 2022

Five of Bristol’s top female musicians, Sara Colman, Katya Gorrie, Ruth Hammond, Rebecca Nash and Tammy Payne, celebrate the women who helped forge the future they now inhabit.

From unknown women fundamental to the big band scene of the 30s, to renowned artists like Nina Simone, Alice Coltrane, Joni Mitchell and Bjork, What She Said pays tribute to these pioneering women.

As female artists who haven’t felt limited by their gender, each musician explored their record collections and chose a work from a female composer from the last 100 years to translate through their own voice.

Expect brilliant new arrangements, from Ann Ronell’s Willow Weep for Me and Teena Marie’s Casanova Brown to the Eurythmics’ It’s Alright (Baby’s Coming Back) and Joni Mitchell’s Woodstock. Alongside this, each musician has written new music for this line up inspired by the women who have influenced them.

What She Said brings together an incredible ensemble of singers and multi-instrumentalists, hand-picked to offer a diverse and subtle palette with which to explore this history.

Line up:
Sara Colman
- vocals
Katya Gorrie - vocals
Tammy Payne - vocals
Ruth Hammond - woodwind, keyboards, vocals
Rebecca Nash - piano, keyboards, vocals
Chris Jones - bass
Steve Banks - guitars
Lizy Exell – drums

“Her playing was sumptuously beautiful - she moved me…” London Evening Standard on Ruth Hammond

"Tammy Payne has been one of the finest jazz and soul singers that the UK has produced in the last two decades" Kevin Le Gendre on Tammy Payne

“A naturally soulful and emotionally true voice, connecting you and drawing you in.” Ian Shaw on Sara Colman

“Katya captivates an audience with an engaging repertoire while fully exploiting her wide technical and emotional range.” - FleeceJazz on Katya Gorrie

“Nash, and her superb band are at the vanguard of innovative and compelling new music.” Downbeat Magazine, USA, on Rebecca Nash

Produced by Sound UK. Funded by Arts Council England.

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