‘Goldfrapp’s Will Gregory proved that old synthesisers can still sound majestic.’ The Telegraph

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Sat 03 Nov 2018
Tue 06 Nov 2018
Wed 07 Nov 2018
Thu 08 Nov 2018

As one half of the electronic music sensation Goldfrapp, Will Gregory is passionate about creating new sounds and reinventing old ones. Here a stellar line-up stretches the possibilities of the Moog synthesiser through newly composed music, transcriptions of classical works, and their own versions of music from popular culture and film.

Marvel at 10 musicians on stage, including Portishead’s Adrian Utley and composer Graham Fitkin, performing works by Bach, John Carpenter, extracts from Clockwork Orange, and new music exploring uncharted ways of combining these monosynths and showing how fantastically versatile they can be.

The line-up of 10 players:
Will Gregory
Vyvian Hope-Scott
Adrian Utley
Georgie Ward
Dan Moore
Eddie Parker
Simon Haram
Ross Hughes
Graham Fitkin
Ruth Wall

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The Artists

Will Gregory Moog Ensemble image - performing live at St George's Bristol

Will Gregory Moog Ensemble

A sonic and visual sensation, 10 analogue Moog keyboards gather on stage at the hands of some of the most skilful and innovative rock, contemporary classical and jazz musicians.

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The Will Gregory Moog Ensemble - 2018 Tour


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