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Sat 12 May 2018

Bach’s compositions are revisited – and rewired as the Will Gregory Moog Ensemble interpret his orchestral works for the innovative synthesizers developed by Dr Robert Moog, recalling Wendy Carlos’s Switched-On Bach. Led by Will Gregory, known for his work as one half of Goldfrapp, the ensemble have previously appeared at the Barbican in 2015 as part of The Moog Concordance, a three-day series marking ten years since the death of Dr Robert Moog.

Part of the Barbican's Sounds and Visions Session Two.

The Artists

Will Gregory Moog Ensemble image - performing live at St George's Bristol

Will Gregory Moog Ensemble

A sonic and visual sensation, 10 analogue Moog keyboards gather on stage at the hands of some of the most skilful and innovative rock, contemporary classical and jazz musicians.

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Will Gregory Moog Ensemble - Sounds and Visions