Terje Isungset

Image of Terje Isungset with ice instruments - Photography by Emile Holba




Terje Isungset returns to the UK with his exquisite new quartet featuring voice, ice harp, ice horn, iceophone, ice percussion and ice bass.

A tribute to nature, this concert is based on music from his albums Winter Songs and Beauty of Winter, alongside brand new material.

The instruments are made during Isungset’s annual Ice Music Festival in Norway, carved and crafted using only natural frozen ice from the lakes.

Prepare to be transported by the extraordinary, beautiful and ethereal sounds of ice.


'...an extraordinary soundscape of quiet but transcendental vocals, glacial trumpet calls and crunching, chiming and ringing ice...' – Evening Standard

“…it’s a chiming, intimate and utterly beautiful world of sound.” BBC Music

“One of the strangest and most memorable things I have ever heard. Wonderful.” Audience member from 2021 tour


Terje Isungset is a highly acclaimed percussionist and composer. For over 40 years Terje has combined natural elements in his music through the use of wood, stones, metal and other natural materials.

Internationally known as the pioneer of Ice Music, Terje created the musical concept in 1999 as an extension to his interest in creating sound from naturally born materials.

By seeking out different types of ice and playing them both acoustically and amplified, Terje successfully refined the techniques required to allow ice to ‘sing’, and in the following year Terje was commissioned to perform Ice Music by creating the world’s first Ice Music concert inside a frozen waterfall in Lillehammer, Norway.

Since this time, Terje has founded the label Iceman Is, releasing 10 Ice Music albums. He also founded the Ice Music Festival to allow fellow musicians, sculptors and artists to further push Ice Music’s sonic boundaries.

Attracting international media interest the festival is now firmly established as one the world’s most unique annual music, climate & art gatherings bringing leading scientist and artists together to explore compelling narratives about climate change.

From performing in igloos and on Arctic glaciers to international concert venues and village halls, Terje continues to enchant audiences with his various Ice Music bands. These include Ice Quartet, Arctic Ice Music featuring Sami, Siberian and Inuit artists, Ice Music Duo and collaborations with orchestras. All emit the delicate sounds of ice that have been experienced in outdoor venues and indoor spaces in many countries - including Canada, Japan, India, Russia, China, across Europe, the USA, Turkey and Australia.

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“…it’s a chiming, intimate and utterly beautiful world of sound.” BBC Music

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