“…it’s a chiming, intimate and utterly beautiful world of sound” BBC Music

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Tue 07 Nov 2023
Wed 08 Nov 2023
Thu 09 Nov 2023
Fri 10 Nov 2023
Sat 11 Nov 2023
Sun 12 Nov 2023

Terje Isungset ice drums, ice percussion, ice horns, iceofone
Amalie Holt Kleive vocals, ice percussion & water
Julie Rokseth ice harp
Toivo Fjose ice bass
Mathias Grønsdal sound design
Ina Charlotte Moe ice logistics

The inventor of ice music, Terje Isungset, returns to the UK with his exquisite new quartet featuring voice, ice harp, ice horn, iceophone, ice percussion and ice bass.

This ice concert is a tribute to the most important thing in the whole world - nature - and is based on music from his albums Winter Songs and Beauty of Winter, alongside brand new material.

The instruments are made during Isungset’s annual Ice Music Festival in Norway. They are carved and crafted using only natural frozen ice from the lakes.

Prepare to be transported by the extraordinary, beautiful and ethereal sounds of ice.

Tour produced by Sound UK. Gratefully funded and supported by Arts Council England, Norwegian Embassy (UK), Arts and Culture Norway and City of Bergen.

“…it’s a chiming, intimate and utterly beautiful world of sound” BBC Music

“One of the strangest and most memorable things I have ever heard. Wonderful.” Audience member from 2021 tour

About Terje Isungset:

Terje Isungset is an internationally acclaimed drummer and composer. Since the late 1980’s, Terje Isungset has combined natural elements in his music through the use of wood, stones, metal and other natural materials.

In 1999, Terje was commissioned to write music for a concert under a frozen waterfall at Lillehammer, Norway. He decided to use elements from the river itself as musical instruments in his composition; stones, wood and finally – ice. Terje explains, “I took the sound from underneath the waterfall, and then I hit the ice. I thought it was so beautiful. It was like falling in love.”

Discovering the sounds of natural ice opened up a whole new range of sonic possibilities for Terje, his ice journey had begun. Since then he has toured world-wide with his unique concept and, since 2006, run his world famous Ice Music Festival in Norway.

Terje released the world’s first Ice Music album in 2001, and has since released 10 more.


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Image of Terje Isungset with ice instruments - Photography by Emile Holba

Terje Isungset


Terje Isungset is one of Europe’s most accomplished and innovative percussionists...

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Terje Isungset Ice Quartet