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Sat 21 Mar 2020
Tue 24 Mar 2020
Fri 03 Apr 2020
Thu 30 Apr 2020

In response to the COVID-19 situation, a digital alternative has been made available for Sage, London and Reading dates. New October Digital tour to be announced!  

Acclaimed pianist and composer Sarah Nicolls' new Inside-Out Piano project 12 Years was inspired by the 2018 IPCC Special Report that said we had just 12 years to radically change our behaviour to save the planet.

With her striking vertical grand piano, Nicolls combines original music and recorded speech in a compelling performance. Piano melodies and textures interweave with phone calls between three fictional characters challenging each other to either worry less or do more. We hear from environmental experts, survivors escaping from a wildfire and a glacier melting, eloquent speeches from Greta Thunberg and finally the sound of hope emerging.

Sarah and leading climate scientists/activists local to each venue invite audiences to share thoughts and possible actions in a post show chat. 

See list of speakers below.

“This should be prescribed viewing/watching/listening for anyone even remotely concerned with the welfare of our planet.” Ciaran Ryan, Galway Jazz Festival


12 Years speakers:
GATESHEAD - Prof Hayley J Fowler / Newcastle University
READING – Prof. Ed Hawkins / Show Your Stripes via Zoom

Artwork: Kate Dressekie

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12 Years | Sarah Nicolls

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