“Quietly mesmerizing” – Jazz Views

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Fri 22 Nov 2024

Arve Henriksen trumpet, electronics
Harmen Fraanje piano

Norwegian trumpeter Arve Henriksen and Dutch pianist Harmen Fraanje present music from their debut duo album Touch of Time, released on ECM records in January 2024.

An initial performance in 2019 to mark ECM’s 50th proved to be the spark for an ongoing and fruitful partnership.

Delicate melodies and textures flow between two musicians who are deeply in tune with nuances of tone-shadings and the detailed development of a musical idea.

In both freely improvised forms and carefully wrought themes, their instruments connect gracefully, picking up and finishing each other’s phrases.

“Few trumpeters over the last two decades have developed such an instantly recognizable personality.” Down Beat on Arve Henriksen

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arve henriksen

Arve Henriksen


Trumpeter Arve Henriksen is one of Norway´s most creative musicians.

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Arve Henriksen & Harmen Fraanje