18 Sep 17

Listen Again: Irma on BBC Radio 3


Sound News

Tom Phillips in his studio

Tom Phillips and Netia Jones on BBC Radio 3 Music Matters.

Listen again: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09569t7

The artist Tom Phillips is a true creative polymath - a painter, gallery curator, singer, quilter, opera composer, set designer and much more. His seminal 1969 opera Irma is all sourced from passages in 'A Humament' - his life's work - and is largely left to the performers to interpret it however they choose. He talks to Tom at his home in Peckham about how he wrote his 'chance opera' and how to decipher the clues found within the libretto. Plus Tom talks to the acclaimed opera director Netia Jones, who is about to stage it in Peckham, about how to start piecing together the puzzle of the opera.

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