29 Mar 21

Meet the new Sound Generator artists

Sound Gen artists 2021 all 6

Sound UK's new artist development programme, Sound Generator, reveals its first artists.

Following an open call, a panel of judges, including leading figures across music, chose six artists at the forefront of sound and music.

Each artist is in the first 5-10 years of their career. Over the next six months, they will be supported by a range of professionals to develop an innovative idea ready for showcasing to the industry. These range from sonic sculptures to opera exploring racism against Chinese communities. DJ/turntablism to a multi-sensory installation inspired by our environment.

The aim? Exciting new work for you to discover in the future.


Natalie Sharp is at the forefront of what The Quietus described as ’New Weird Britain’: “a new wave of underground musicians, creating immersive worlds for their audiences to participate in.

Jordan Edge works at the intersection of experience design, sound art and fictional worlds.

Alex Ho is an award-winning British-Chinese composer and co-director of Tangram, an artist collective celebrating the vitality of Chinese cultures.

NikNak is devoted to developing her distinctive practice as a DJ & Turntablist, sound artist/composer.

Lori E Allen and Deborah Wale are inter-disciplinary artists working in soundscape, performance, spoken word, experimental composition, illustration and printing.

Chisara Agor is an inter-disciplinary artist whose work spans music, theatre, film and art.

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Sound Generator is funded by Arts Council England and PRS Foundation. Sound UK is delighted to announce it is a PRS Foundation Talent Development Partner supported by PPL.

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