17 Sep 20

The Power of Music


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Whilst we’ve been quiet over the past few months, we’ve been busy working out how best to bring extraordinary musical encounters to you and others across the country. Like many, the majority of our 2020 programme has had to be postponed - with exciting plans now afoot for 2021. However, this October we are delighted to bring Inside-Out pianist and composer Sarah Nicolls’ original 12 Years to you via a digital ‘tour’ announced last week. 

As a direct response to the world we now inhabit, we will soon be launching a new project that celebrates our communities through music. A Song for Us aims to capture the solidarity that emerged during the clap for carers, the extraordinary response to the NHS volunteer army and the small acts of kindness between neighbours. It will recognise the nationwide losses we have experienced, whether at a distance or personally. Above all it celebrates the power of music to bring us all together.

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Polly, Maija, Chloe

Photo credit: Paul@framedog, A Change is Gonna Come 2019 - Carleen Anderson, Nikki Yeoh, Lady Sanity, Camilla George, Renell Shaw, Rod Youngs

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