16 Dec 15

Martyn Ware shares his seaside memories


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one and all

As part of our One and All coastline project with Trust New Art we have had the pleasure of working with the legendary founder of Heaven 17/ The Human League, renowned producer and sound artist Martyn Ware.

We put a few questions to him about his new work for One and All (available to experience here, and we are delighted to share these unique insights with you:

- What's your earliest memory of the seaside?

My earliest memory is riding on a donkey called Ringo on Cleethorpes Beach – and wondering where the sea was (it goes out about a mile), and being ecstatically happy…

- How do you think our relationship with the coast has changed over your lifetime?

We are all more familiar with the coast then when I was young – generally people can afford holidays or day trips now, whereas we were so poor (cue violins) that one day trip a year was all our family could afford

- What was your favourite memory left by a participant in the beach hut?

Definitely a father in Seaham talking to his small daughter – he was clearly embarrassed to be speaking, so he said to his daughter "come on then – hurry up – they’re your memories not mine” - she sounded about 5 years old so I don’t think she had many memories to share!

- Did any of the public's recordings particularly strike a chord with you, or stir up forgotten memories?

I think in general just the fact that so many people referred to the ‘peace’ they found being by the sea and looking at the sea – it’s kind of therapy for the working classes…

- How do you see the link between sound and memory?

Sound is a critical part of our memories, but usually we associate the senses with visual memories taking the lead role – all that is required is to point out to people how their memories would feeel without sound – then they realise…

Martyn's 3D soundscape work is best experienced with headphones for the full immersive effect. Go to www.nationaltrust.org.uk/oneandall to experience it and then share your thoughts with us on twitter using the hashtag #oneandallUK

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